Make the world a better place
In recent years, issues related to greenhouse gases have always attracted the attention of governments and enterprises around the world. 

We are well aware that the earth's climate and environment are being affected by greenhouse gases and are deteriorating day by day. 

In order to find a new way out for sustainable operations in the more severe carbon emission restriction environment in the future, Societe Commerciale Euro-Taiwanaise Co., Ltd. redefines corporate value, and corporate operations must ultimately coexist with society and the environment to be sustainable. 

We follows the world's environmental protection trend, in addition to focusing on the operation of its core business, and implements the 3R concept: Reduce (reduce use), Reuse (make the most of things) and Recycle (recycle). 

Do our best to serve our next generation. We regard sustainable management as a long-term ambition. 

In the future, the company will fully support sustainable development and formulate a long-term framework to contribute to the realization of sustainable development goals and realize the company's corporate social responsibility.
Through the ISO 14064:2018 greenhouse gas inventory standard, the company conducts statistical analysis on the inventory results to provide reference for future planning and implementation of improvement plans; the company will also continue to promote the sustainable policy of energy conservation, environmental protection, and loving the earth. , and fulfill our responsibilities as citizens of the earth.